Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Freezing

Sitting here in the living room , I am cold ,says it's 20F outside , 68 F here in the house , I don't believe it, my fingers are cold and so is my noes,. Sometimes these old farm houses are a bit on the drafty side, I thought we got all of the air leaks plugged, somewhere there is a couple hiding , just chuckling to themselves , that they got overlooked.Sun is going down so it will be colder still, the weather man is predicting 4 above high tonight. Time to wear socks to bed, not so romantic but practical, I'll be looking for the air leaks tomorrow and see what can be done about them.
Finished our cleaning job earlier today, at least is was warm there. So I have plenty of dishes to do since we haven't got the dish washer hooked up yet.Didn't know how much I missed it till now, however it will get my hands warm doing dishes.
Working on Mary's poncho, may have the front done later tonight, it's long enough to cover my legs and that keeps me warm also. I really don't want to turn up the heat, but I think once Chuck is up from his nap , he will want to. It's amazing how much cat and dog hair can accumulate over a year, especially when you don't realize your pets are using the winter hats and gloves as something to lay during the rest of the year, you know when you can't find the cat and you don't know he has been hiding , check the hat and glove box , my winter fleece gloves where covered in cat hair, took me awhile using a lint roller to get all the hair off, next year I'll try to remember to put them in a plastic zip bag. Although Archie has this thing that he chews on plastic from time to time. Can't seem to win.
I am thinking that hand knit socks would be quite nice about now, and maybe a noes muffler or two. We seem to have gotten a very nasty cold bug,everyone is in some stage of having a cold. I bought a box of clementines, kinda local At least in the USA instead of Spain. Thank you California, Mary and I using these as a source of vitamin c.
Tron will be coming out on Dec. 19 and Chuck and Mary have plans to go see it. The new Harry Potter movie just doesn't hold our interest, the last book left a lot lacking. Chuck's "Story by Dad9" is much better, Yes of course I am partial but it is really good. I can't waite for him to be done so he can write a original story of his own, I know it will be good.
I am looking at getting Alison Hyde's book "Wrapped In Comfort" from Purlescence. My Christmas present to myself. I have a been a few peoples sides, but a fairly good girl
I am thinking I am going to have to go on Stash Reducing Diet if Chuck is ever going to let me some more yarn. Sigh, so much yarn ,so little time. Well must get some dinner going here. The son is getting hungry, Off I go to the kitchen, talk to you later

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