Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Freezing My Fingers to the Bone

The weatherman this morning said we would experience below normal temps, and he wasn't just whistlin dixie it is 20 f and windy out so the windchill is in the teens. brrr my fingers hurt this morning as do the rest of my joints.
A good breakfast of Oatmeal was appreciated as well as some Irish Breakfast Tea.Today is knitting day so I'll be busy trying to get something done.I saw in the Lion Brand catalogue a pattern for a beautiful yet simple afghan, a mixture of two types of yarn it's on my wish list for things I would like.I am sure I'll be adding on to this today, so'll stop and put the needles to work, Talk to you later

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Alison said...

Brrr. Sounds like the perfect day to enjoy a good knit.


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