Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday rain

This Friday was a winner. Mary and I went into Madison to drop off the needles and such to Carla.We waited at the Goodwill store and nothing happen, It rain and it poured, thunder boomers and all.I gave her a call, poor kid, her daughter injured her arm at the elbow, she said 2 times this week at urgent care.Oh yes we dropped off the knitting supplies at her home. The tornado siren went off,her SO came out,and said it was heading east toward Cambridge.
We than went to the Frugal muse, I found a book that I lent Cathy and she managed to loose in the Blaine fiasco, Don't ask. It was signed by the author.
It's getting late and I am finding it hard to breathe, time to rest.See ya later.

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