Friday, August 20, 2010

new tires

Well we couldn't get the tire patched, so new tires after all, took it to our favorite mechanic and was told that it was not possible but the tire on the other side should be replaced too. There was a bald area with the radials poking through it.kinda scary. So now I have two new tires on my van. I feel a little safer,and a little poorer. The other tires where replaced last year. Rob came through with changing the tires and such. We let hubby rest and managed this on our own.
On another note Mary and I had a good haul at the farmers market, early apples and plums, tomatoes, both green and ripe. Some golden potatoes and onions. As usual had the tomatoes for supper with the onions, and two of the plums , they are of the small variety tasty though.
bedtime for me very tired. Chuck's vacation ends today, back to the grindstone tomorrow.

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