Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I solomnly swear I am upto no good"

Very early morning, up at 5:30 really 5:00 , Got hubby off to work , rested for a bit did some office work, played Kris's delivery service and than did shopping all by 7:30am By 8:45 we had the brush and trees out of the back yard. They are on the curb waiting for the guys with the chipper to come around. Seems like the recent rain also had some bad effects on the trees in what used to be the mobile home park. One of the larger trees split and came crashing down.
Found that school for Mary starts on Sept.1, they sent a brand new Hp computer for her to use, by mistake. It will be sent back. Mary is currently cleaning her room , good, no more yelling on my part. Mary has a nice toshiba with a bigger screen.
Found someone to share my surplus knitting needles with. Her name is Carla. Back to knitting must knit to calm my "savage soul", I knit so I will not kill my neighbor. I am up to no good!!
really !!

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