Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday , busy busy, busy

This week we have been busy at the manse, cleaning , but more on that later, Rob has been decided that he wants the door on his room, instead of blanket he has been using, we have the doors, when we remodeled the upstairs , the only one who got their door replaced was Mary. I have waiting forever for mine and Rob is willing to put them back on, yeah!!!
Knitting has come to a stand still as I am using my talent of being a weight and using my feminine whiles on the guys at the lumber yard, right, what feminine whiles!, the weight part I can do.
Waiting to hear from a lady in Fort Atkinson , on the trampoline and a bag of clothes. She wants the trampoline I want the clothes.
School starts Wed. September 1st.more later.

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